Kindle is refined to address current trends in the private office environs. The private office is changing in two diverging directions. One is in the direction of lower, less storage and aesthetics similar to the surrounding open plan furniture. The other is taller, compressed footprint storage that references the classic proportions and traditions of private offices. Both serve larger office priorities through collaboration, technology and openness. Kindle addresses these trends with a broad scope of line and a diverse set of materials, options and aesthetics. Contemporary and crisp aesthetics have been woven into the design in all areas creating a modern and fresh update to a mid-market product line.

Product Line: Kindle

Company: Paoli

Paoli-A1747.jpg Paoli-A1794.jpg Paoli-A2496.jpg Paoli-A2498.jpg Paoli-A2572.jpg Paoli-A1751.jpg